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PRP Provides an Innovative and Lasting Solution For Hair Loss

If you find yourself looking longingly at your neighbor’s or colleague’s full head of thick, healthy hair, you aren’t alone! Many men and women struggle with hair loss that occurs far beyond the standard 50 to 100 hairs per day, but they aren’t sure how to slow or reverse the process. There’s no shortage of hair loss “miracle” products on the market like creams and pills, but new advances in regenerative medicine have now introduced an innovative hair loss solution that works efficiently by actually addressing and resolving the root cause of hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) For Hair Loss

PRP is a liquid substance created completely naturally from your very own blood. After your blood is drawn, it is placed in a centrifuge that spins the blood for ten minutes in order to separate the blood platelets and make them more concentrated. That collection of platelets is gathered and injected into the scalp, specifically into balding areas.

Platelets are best known for their role in stopping bleeding, but they also contain potent growth factors and proteins that naturally stimulate the body to heal itself. When PRP is injected into the scalp, it immediately begins the process of activating hair follicles to restore their regular growth cycles. The best results occur when multiple PRP treatments are done a month apart, allowing the platelets to gradually and consistently unleash their healing power to build a fuller, healthier looking head of hair. Improvement becomes noticeable within two to six months of treatment and become more significant with each passing treatment.

Though an injection into the scalp might sound uncomfortable, local anesthesia makes it a painless procedure. There is no downtime, and you can return to your normal activities right away. As time goes on, you will notice that your hair becomes stronger and thicker. If you live in the Tampa, Florida area, contact Dr. Lombardi at Lombardi Institute of Dermatology today to find out exactly how Dr. Lombardi can use PRP to solve your hair loss problems once and for all. Call today at 813-642-6078.

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