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Age and exposure to sunlight are two of the biggest factors in changing your skin. At the very least, they can contribute to wrinkles. But in other cases, they can leave your skin discolored. At the Lombardi Institute of Dermatology, we provide our patients with a range of options for treating both age spots (brown spots) and sun damage.

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What Are Age Spots?

Also called liver spots, age spots are small dark areas on the skin. They are flat (not raised) but can become quite noticeable, especially as their size can vary. Most often, they appear on areas that have seen a lot of sun exposure over the years. You may notice them mostly on your:

  • Face
  • Hands
  • Shoulders
  • Arms

As a type of sun damage, they are especially common in areas with sunnier weather. Patients living in coastal cities are especially vulnerable to them as they age. Once these sunspots appear, they don’t really improve on their own. For centuries, the only option was to try to ignore them. But now, we have cutting-edge treatments that can lessen the appearance of age spots and sun damage.

How Can I Treat Age Spots?

Dr. Lombardi offers his patients several ways to improve their skin tone and treat age spots. Some patients may benefit more from one treatment, while others may need a combination in order to achieve their results. In every case, we deliver a fully-tailored treatment plan designed to help you achieve optimal results and clear, vibrant skin.

Below is a brief overview of our top treatments for improving the appearance of brown spots. While some patients may see results after only a single session, patients with larger or darker age spots may reach their goals after a series of treatments.

Laser Treatment

The use of lasers has been a revolutionary advance in the field of dermatology. Using nothing but the natural power of intense light, we can encourage your skin to achieve a smoother, more even tone. Laser treatments work by removing the upper layer of damaged skin, revealing healthy skin beneath it. It then stimulates this healthy tissue to develop into fresh, youthful skin that matches the color of the skin around it.


This non-surgical treatment has countless benefits for patients with all manner of skin concerns. But one of its core strengths is helping patients with age spots and sun damage. By gently exfoliating upper skin layers, it can help remove damaged skin while encouraging the healthy tissue below to replace it. It also encourages the production of new collagen in your skin, which is crucial for having firm, smooth skin.

Chemical Peel

Though this might sound intimidating at first, it is actually a gentle procedure to remove damaged skin. Like the other treatments, its focus is out with the old, in with the new. As your body replaced the damaged skin with fresh, healthy tissue, you can see stunning improvements.

Which Treatment for Age Spots Is Right for Me?

The best procedure for you will depend on your unique case. But since these treatments are all non-invasive, they are open to a wide range of patients of all ages. The first step to seeing which procedure best meets your needs is to schedule your consultation. By meeting personally with Dr. Lombardi, you can get started on building your personalized treatment plan. By listening closely to your needs, Dr. Lombardi can deliver a treatment that is optimized to bring your the results you need as quickly as possible.

Your personalized treatment plan will include:

  • Types of treatment
  • Complete information about before, during, and after treatment
  • Expected number of sessions to achieve your goals

Is There a Recovery Period?

Since all of these treatments are non-surgical, you don’t need to worry about spending weeks away from your daily life. Instead, many patients can return to daily life within a day or two after their treatment.

Depending on your treatment, you can expect some swelling or redness at the treated site. However, even this will fade within a day or two. And there should only be minimal discomfort, which is easily managed with medication.

Though you likely will see immediate improvements, it takes some time to see your final results. As your body replaces the damaged skin in the following weeks, you will see continuous improvement day after day.

If you have any questions at any point, don’t hesitate to call. We will gladly help you, as we are with you every step of the way.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

A non-surgical way to improve your skin tone is only a call away. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and get started on developing your personalized treatment plan. Dr. Lombardi, dermatologist in Tampa, has already helped countless patients achieve clearer, healthier skin and he looks forward to helping you as well. Call us today to learn more and take that first step to skin that fills you with confidence.

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