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Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments have made it possible for men and women to address cosmetic concerns on their face, neck, and body without having to resort to invasive surgery for noticeable results. We are pleased to offer Laser Genesis treatment to our patients from Tampa Bay and surrounding areas such as Harbour Island and St. Petersburg.

The Laser Genesis device has been designed to treat numerous problems that develop due to sun damage and aging. These include enlarged pores, poor texture, uneven pigmentation, and fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.

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What is Laser Genesis?

Lasers treat the skin gently by warming tissues in the dermis. When heat reaches deeper-lying cells, the production of supportive collagen is stimulated. Additionally, vessels that have become visible on the skin’s surface are “damaged” by laser energy and are subsequently absorbed by the body.

What to Expect

Laser Skin Resurfacing are non-invasive and very comfortable. Patients require no anesthetic to tolerate their treatment sessions. Most areas require 30 minutes or less. For optimal results, we will discuss the recommended number of treatments with you after a thorough analysis of your skin and discussion of your expectations. Each laser treatment involves our clinician passing a hand-held device over the skin on the target area. A slight warming sensation may be experienced as the lower layers of skin absorb thermal energy.


Over the course of several weeks, the increase in collagen production will begin to show in the form of lighter, brighter skin and the gradual smoothing of lines and wrinkles. It is important to note that Laser Skin Resurfacing work to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities. For this reason, improvement becomes progressively better with time and subsequent laser sessions.

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If you have questions about our practice and Laser Skin Resurfacing options, contact the office of Dr. Milan Lombardi today to schedule a consultation and begin putting together your personalized treatment plan. Restoring life to your skin has never been easier.