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About Periorbital Vein Removal and Treatment

As the vessels that carry blood toward the heart, veins are absolutely vital to the overall health of your body, but that doesn’t mean you want them prominently displayed on your skin. At Lombardi Institute of Dermatology, we understand how frustrating it can be to cope with unsightly veins, especially on the face and around the eyes. This is why we are so proud to be the only practice in the Tampa area with the technology and experience to treat the delicate skin near and around the eyes.

Reducing the Appearance of Periorbital Veins

Periorbital veins are collections of small veins situated around your eyes. When periorbital veins function normally, they remain invisible as they provide circulatory support to the skin and tissue around the eyes. However, it’s common for periorbital veins to become swollen and visible through the skin, especially in patients with fair skin. Eventually the veins trigger the appearance of dark circles around the eyes, which cause you to look older and and more fatigued than you really are.

Dr. Milan Lombardi is a vein removal expert, and he has years of experience using the most cutting edge technology to alleviate his patients’ skin conditions. In the case of periorbital veins, standard vein treatment methods like sclerotherapy and surgery are not gentle enough to handle the delicate skin tissue around the eyes. Instead, Dr. Lombardi utilizes the excel V™ cosmetic laser from Cutera.

Using Excel V to Remove Veins Around the Eyes

The excel V™ is unlike any other laser, allowing it to target periorbital veins when other laser systems cannot. A powerful infrared light is emitted by the excel V™, which safely causes the blood in the targeted veins to coagulate. This coagulation blocks the veins and forces blood to stop flowing through. Over time, the vein dies and is reabsorbed by the body, helping it fade away from the surface of the skin. The blood from the removed veins then becomes redirected to veins deeper below the surface to prevent future problems.

The experts at Lombardi Institute of Dermatology are so excited to offer excel V™ laser removal and treatment because it’s such an innovative and customizable system. We can tailor treatment to a wide variety of skin tones and skin areas, and the built in cooling feature ensures total comfort. Most patients achieve their desired results in just one to two treatments, with significant improvement showing over an 4 to 6 week time period.

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