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What’s the Deal with Chemical Peels

If your skin is starting to look dull, damaged, and old, you may find yourself wondering what kind of treatment can work enough magic to quickly and easily revitalize your appearance. You certainly have a world of options from which to choose, and one of your best choices is to opt for a chemical peel. Don’t let the word “chemical” put you off; chemical peels safely provide controlled exfoliation in order to renew vibrancy and smooth texture in your skin.

The Right Kind of Peeling

When you undergo a chemical peel, a specific formula is used to encourage the top, dead layers of your skin to peel away and make room for fresh, healthier skin cells. This type of peeling is healthy and productive, compared to the type of peeling that occurs after your skin experiences severe sunburn damage. There are a variety of chemical peels that contain ingredients known to gently yet efficiently remove dead and damaged skin cells in order to promote healing and minimize signs of damage and aging.

Customized Results

There’s a reason that chemical peels have been so popular for thousands of years, ever since Cleopatra famously soaked her skin in milk baths. Since they are “low tech,” they aren’t intimidating like other, more advanced laser skin procedures, yet peels still address the most important skin problems like discoloration, texture, and wrinkles. Best of all, you are able to select your chemical peel based upon the results you want to see. If you’re targeting acne, your chemical peel formula will be different than that of a patient who wants to alleviate sun spots and discoloration.

You can also control the intensity of your peel. Mild peels can be done on the face, neck, and chest as frequently as every few weeks to maintain a bright, vibrant appearance and keep the skin tone and texture looking healthy. Most of these mild peels don’t cause extensive peeling, but they still exfoliate and refresh the skin. Ingredients found in mild peels include fruit enzymes, glycolic acid, citric acid, and lactic acid. Medium strength peels, meanwhile, often use a higher concentration of the ingredients found in mild peels. Since these peels are deeper, expect your skin to look red and swollen immediately after application. This means that all of the old, dead skin has peeled away, and your skin is undergoing the healing process to remedy hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage, and other issues.

Given the strength of the Florida sunshine almost all year round, it is especially important for Tampa residents to protect and revive their skin with methods like chemical peels. Lombardi Institute of Dermatology in Tampa offers a variety of mild, medium, and deep peels to meet all skincare needs. Call today at 813-642-6078 to schedule your first appointment for younger, healthier skin.